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24 Jan 2017 › Posted by Schweitzer Linen

When you want the freshest, most voluptuous fruits and vegetables, you find them at the farmer’s market and purchase them from the farmer herself. When you want a brilliant new novel you ask the shop owner at your local bookstore to play matchmaker between you and an up-and-coming author. When you want the softest, silkiest bed linens, exquisitely suited to your décor, you go to… a department store?

Would you be surprised to know that purchasing linens for your home can be an experience as intimate and personal as sourcing heirloom tomatoes from your farmer or discovering a swoon-worthy novel from your independent bookseller? Bob Schweitzer, the owner of Schweitzer Linens, has created a number of videos on our YouTube channel for you, where he describes the personal relationship of his company and his loyal customers.

Schweitzer Linen YouTube Channel

Here, he welcomes you to the world of Schweitzer Linens and answers questions on a variety of topics. As an expert on the subject of luxury linens, he wants to share his knowledge so that everyone can experience the deep sense of wellbeing that comes from sleeping on silken 600 thread count sheets, wrapping up in the highest quality down comforter, and feeling the softest cashmere on bare skin. As Bob has said, “Love and passion are incredible motivators for us to produce a product that is always beautiful and well-made.” His passion and devotion comes through in every YouTube video on our channel.

For example, here Bob explains what to look for in high-quality cashmere:

If you are thinking about enhancing your bedroom, your dining table, or your wardrobe with Schweitzer Linen luxury, please do watch our YouTube channel to learn about us, or peruse our website and our catalog to see our offerings. Or, for the ultimate in local expertise, we highly recommend visiting one of our three stores in Manhattan. As Bob explains in the video below, we design, produce, and control every step of making and selling each of our items for sale. That includes our superb in-store customer service.

Whether you’re calling on the phone or visiting one of our stores, we love to answer your questions and provide you with exactly what you’re seeking. Bob considers you, his customer, to be his extended family; every season he travels far and wide, turning over every stone, to find that something special to bring to you. Even now, in the 21st century, Schweitzer Linen maintains relationships with artisans who hand-embroider products exactly as it has been done for over 200 years. Here Bob describes the variety of options you have when you shop with us and become part of the Schweitzer Linen extended family:

Finally, in our quest to excel, we look to you, our customer, as the expert in your own desires. We love to hear from you, to learn what you love, so that we can continue to offer the most delightful and luxurious products. Here is Bob inviting your comments and questions:

So, who are your trusted experts, the artisans and crafters who have devoted their lives to pursuing their ideal aesthetic and sharing their passion with others? Do you have a jeweler who knows exactly what you are looking for in a new pair of earrings? Or is there a baker at your favorite French patisserie who always has a box of fresh madelines set aside just for you? These relationships give texture and depth to our lives, imparting vibrancy and joy into something that could otherwise be only a simple transaction. In this New Year, let shopping for linens be as personal, enjoyable, and memorable as shopping at your local farmer’s market, corner bookstore, or favorite jeweler. Visit us at Schweitzer Linens and we’ll show you how.

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The History of the Winter White Sale

05 Jan 2017 › Posted by Schweitzerlinen

Black Friday, President’s Day Sale, Cyber Monday, it seems like there is a new sales event popping up every day.  Who comes up with these ideas and what are their origins?  We wanted to delve into the history of sales and shed light on our favorites, the Winter White Sale!  It makes perfect sense as we kick off the New Year that we focus on a January tradition that’s been popular for the past 125 years! The Winter White Sale has a long history dating back to 1878 and was created by John Wanamaker, a department store owner who came up with the idea to help increase sales after the holidays and to pass along a special offer to his customers.

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The Cape and How to Wear it!

08 Dec 2016 › Posted by Schweitzer Linen

Throughout history and to this very moment, women have enjoyed the dramatic impact of a beautifully crafted cape.

Like Audrey Hepburn, they wore them for face-framing allure.

Like Princess Diana and Grace Kelly, they wore them in cool weather, as a chic alternative to an overcoat or ski parka.

Like Taylor Swift and Blake Lively, they wear them for pure, unadulterated style.

As you know, our constant search for objects of beauty and exquisite quality brings us all over the world. Peru, a land renowned for producing the softest woolens, is where we recently discovered our new line of capes. Buttery soft alpaca wool combined with a classic, elegant style was a match made in heaven. What a wonderful find, and just in time for the winter season! We hope that one of these treasures becomes your go-to piece this autumn and beyond.

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