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Today’s Topic: Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

18 Jun 2013 › Posted by Schweitzerlinen

Feel Better. Look Younger. Lose Weight.
How? With a peaceful night’s sleep.

Sleep Well with Schweitzer

Sleep Well with Schweitzer

Getting a good night’s sleep is beneficial for your body & mind. As we age our body undergoes a shift making it harder to fall asleep, and stay asleep through the night. Most adults need 6-8 hours of sleep but it’s different for everybody. Too much or too little can affect your health by weakening your immune system or ability to think clearly. Continue reading

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Creating a Gift Registry – Hint: It’s Easy!

06 Jun 2013 › Posted by Schweitzerlinen

Creating the perfect gift registry is as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4… shop!  It takes just five minutes to set up. Once you set up the registry you will receive your own unique registry ID number and from there you can start adding items to your list or at a later time.  The registry is a great way to let your friends and family know exactly what you would like for that special occasion, birthday, anniversary, baby shower or wedding!  You pick the items, add a monogram and customize the size or color. Continue reading

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Sneak peek: Introducing our new Fall 2013 Nightwear Line

04 Jun 2013 › Posted by Schweitzerlinen

In case you haven’t noticed in our catalog or online, the Schweitzer Linen Nightwear/Lingerie Collection has grown with more and more classically fabulous products each year!

We spend an entire year traveling the globe to develop designs and pick the softest, most appealing fabrics to make our beautiful nightwear! From Peru to the Netherlands, we’ve got you covered. Continue reading