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New Nightwear, from Peru with Love

30 Sep 2014 › Posted by Schweitzerlinen

Cotton Plant

The new Schweitzer Linen catalog is out and hopefully in your hands. We are excited for the entire line of new product in the catalog including blankets, pillows and shawls. We went outside the box to create one of a kind bed linen designs and also exquisite nightwear which will appeal to all our customers. The new line of nightwear from Peru is innovative! We developed designs with lovely laces, sleek silhouettes and a new print, Replique! We took this successful print and reduced the scale to fit on a nightgown, pajama and robe. All of the new styles featured in this blog are made of Pima cotton or a Pima cotton blend. Peruvian Pima Cotton is considered to be one of the superior blends of cotton and the cotton grown in Peru is the world’s finest because of its ideal growing climate! It makes the nightwear we produce light yet provides warmth.

Always fashion forward and made with the finest pima cotton fabric, we are proud of this line and the collection available to you.

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Holiday Table Linens

23 Sep 2014 › Posted by Schweitzerlinen

Holiday Table Linens

As the heat of the summer fades and the leaves start to turn our focus turns to the upcoming holidays starting in September with Rosh Hashanah straight thru New Year’s Eve – it’s time to start getting ready for the holiday season!

We work with many customers and designers alike who need a custom size for their table and we are prepared to take your orders now to ensure a beautiful setting for Thanksgiving. We have the capability to make almost any size you need and typically require 8-10 weeks to produce (for machine made items like Marbella – hand embroideries like Merry Merry require four months to customize). With that said we strongly recommend to put your orders in today and to browse our new 2014 tablecloths which feature delicate handwork floral embroideries, exquisite hemstitching and bold colors.

New this year is St Germaine made on pure white linen from Italy and adorned with extravagant hand-drawn work. Your guests will revel in the simple beauty of this tablecloth, placemat and napkins. To truly customize incorporate a color into the floral hemstitch and make it your own.

St Germaine Placemat St Germaine Tablecloth

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A Year in the Making – New Bedding

09 Sep 2014 › Posted by Schweitzerlinen

It’s been one year in the making and required countless redesigns – but it was all worth it! We are eager to unveil to you just some of the new bedding which we developed. The line includes bold colors, unique prints, and dazzling embroideries – and as always, we design our prints and embroideries to complement one another.

You may get a glimpse of the French Riviera or Tuscany in our designs as the inspirations for the new developments came from our travels around the globe. Ideas have come to us from a scenic view or visiting an old church. We pay attention to the details and incorporate them into our drawings as we start the creative process. After many revisions and change of colors the end result is a stunning design which will make any bedroom more beautiful.

We are proud of the originality and the expected end result of our new line. The Danube design was inspired by watching, for hours, a river wind its way gently in Peru. From that idyllic setting Danube was born, totally different yet very beautiful in its own way.
Also available in vibrant Yellow.

Danube Bedding

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