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Daywear and more

17 Nov 2014 › Posted by Schweitzer Linen

Day and Night

Transition your look from casual days to sophisticated evenings with elegant tops from our Daywear Collection. You may not want to cover up our beautiful camisoles or tanks which have exquisite detailing like flowery laces, jewel accents and ribbon trims – and every single one is made in Italy. Pair the softest of fabrics with a figure hugging fit which will make you feel sublime and show you off in a magical light.

All our tops are made for everyday use and come in neutral easy to wear colors. Perfect with jeans for an afternoon of running errands, or with pants or skirt for more formal events. Ideal for a fun girl’s night out. For cooler days wear under one of our cozy sweaters, shawls or wraps for a stylish outfit every day.

Our fall Collection offers a wide variety of designs with many looks to choose from.
The most basic tank only upgraded!

Lexi comes in black or white and features a satin ribbon running through a beautiful flowery Swiss Lace. The satin ribbon and faux diamond accent elevate this tank making it perfectly suitable for a night out.

Lexi Tank Black Lexi Tank White

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Boulle Antiques

04 Nov 2014 › Posted by Schweitzer Linen

Boulle Antiques

If you are looking to start an antique collection you can now look to Schweitzer Linen as a source for one-of-a-kind pieces which are true antiques. And a few which are “near” antique.

It’s important to do your homework and research the value and history of an item.
Did you know that by law a TRUE antique has to be at least 100 years old?

Finding the perfect antique for a room is like pairing the perfect accessory to make an outfit complete. The right antique can pull together the look of a room together without a lot of fuss. For the past year we have been traveling the globe in search of timeless antiques to pair with our exquisite bed linens. In France we found many exquisite pieces which we incorporated into our catalog photo shoot, you will find one in every picture! They were the perfect showpiece to compliment our beds in both color and design. Tasteful pieces you will instantly notice when browsing our catalog. We are making some of the pieces available exclusively to Schweitzer Linen customers to carry over the look of elegance into your home. We have featured four different pieces here all made in France in style Boulle – extremely sought after and the perfect introduction to owning your first antique. Remember you don’t have to be an expert in antiques to buy these pieces – you just need to have good taste and an eye for design.

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