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January White Sale – A Fresh Start

23 Jan 2015 › Posted by Schweitzer Linen

Traditionally speaking, the start of the new year is an opportunity for us to make a fresh start. People from different cultures and religions have various beliefs about New Year’s Eve and the days after. From foods to eat for good luck, to not paying a bill or loan on New Year’s Day, the traditions are endless. I believe you should have money in your wallet to guarantee prosperity, and your house should be clean. But note: some people believe you should not do laundry on New Year’s Day or a family member may be “washed away.” So as a rule of thumb, make sure all your laundry is done by the 30th of December!

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43 and Still Growing

02 Jan 2015 › Posted by Schweitzer Linen

The best teachers in the world are the ones who are continually learning. You can achieve the highest level of education yet you can still improve, grow and absorb knowledge in your field.

Even after 43 years of being in business we recognize we still have a lot to learn. Schweitzer Linen began 43 years ago when Elena and Sandy opened the first Schweitzer Linen store on Madison Avenue. There was no catalog, internet or social media to support the store, just old fashioned face-to-face customer service in a mom and pop environment. It was a small store with big aspirations and filled with one of kind bedding and tableware. Ahead of its time in many ways, customers were amazed by the craftsmanship of these items, mostly imported from Italy and Madeira. Even we could not have anticipated how successful the business would become, growing to three stores, a website with hundreds of museum quality linens and an elegantly photographed catalog. Over the course of 43 years Schweitzer Linen has worked with hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.

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