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Setting the Perfect Dinner Party Table

23 Jun 2015 › Posted by Schweitzer Linen

The art of setting a formal dinner table for a party goes back centuries. In 19th and 20th century America and Europe it was a task that butlers and footmen would spend hours completing with a precision that required measuring sticks and an utter adherence to tradition.


You don’t have to go to these lengths in modern America, but it is important to understand the basics. When you know the basics you can have confidence that your table is set well, but you can also choose not to follow the traditions you don’t like. Remember that what makes a truly perfect dinner table is the fact that it is yours, with your quirks and personality. So break, or adhere, to the traditions in this guide as you will. Continue reading

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Window Shopping with a Purpose

17 Jun 2015 › Posted by Schweitzer Linen

Knowing the value of a product and doing your homework is not only important when making large purchases like a car, furniture or antiques, but also bedding. Why you may ask? Because bedding comes in all price points, sold in many retail locations and comes in a variety of fabrics and thread counts. So it only makes sense to take a crash course in sewing to understand why some sheets are $50 and others $500.

We encourage you to read the packaging, inspect the stitching and feel the fabric when shopping for linens. You don’t have to buy anything, but it’s a good exercise to better understand pricing. Then when you’re ready to buy we hope you’ve realized Schweitzer Linen offers a luxury product at an affordable price. Continue reading

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What can bed linen do for your bedroom?

10 Jun 2015 › Posted by Schweitzer Linen

Schweitzer’s “Prato” bedding as featured in Veranda Magazine 2014

Schweitzer’s “Prato” bedding as featured in Veranda Magazine 2014

The linen in your bedroom is arguably the most important design element in the room. This is primarily because the bed is a focal point, and it is such a large feature. But as well as having design implications, bed linen also has a functional purpose. After all, you spend a lot of time in bed intimately connected to the linen. So it has to look good, it has to feel good, and it has to make you feel comfortable.

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