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How to Choose between Comforter-Fill Options: Which ones are right for me?

29 Feb 2016 › Posted by Schweitzer Linen

By Jacqueline Paredi
NYC and Sarasota, Florida

Life begins with fabric (and filler!) Well, at least in fashion and bedding it does. Being a fashion designer, I learned that not only do fabrics have different qualities of heat retention, breathability and cooling, but that the filling in high quality comforters is just as varied and important as the outer layer. For example, comforters can be filled with Goose Down, soft Cotton, lofty Man-Made fibers, warm and breathable Wool, and yet another even more exotic fill is 100% Silk! There are many things to consider when selecting optimal comforters: the change in season, your taste in weight-feel of the comforter on your body, your personal body temperature, your preferred outlook in bedding, as well as the ideal room temperature to provide the best night’s sleep possible.

Cotton Filling:

CottonCotton, the plant fiber that has been cultivated for centuries, has a high absorbency rate, is breathable and hypoallergenic. Washability and resiliency is a plus. This fiber is generally used in lighter weight comforters so is not as lofty and fluffy (thick) as polyester. This makes Cotton fill ideal for a summer comforter filling, and yet still provides a soft and sleek outlook.
To find the best quality in a cotton fill, perfect for summer nights, see Schweitzer Linen’s Washable Cotton Filled Comforter.

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