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Schweitzer Linen: Affordable Luxuries

13 Apr 2016 › Posted by Schweitzer Linen

High-End Designer Products for the Savvy Buyer

Being a fashion designer and an interior decorator, I love finding the best quality linens, table top textiles and lingerie and sleepwear available in the market. Finding the best products often corresponds with the most expensive as well! Who doesn’t love a high-end designer quality gorgeous piece of sleepwear and lingerie? What could be more appealing than a designer label smooth as silk, beautifully constructed bedding set? Who isn’t awed by beautifully designed fine hand-worked table linens? The challenge for us aficionados of all things gorgeous is to find beauties that are also affordable.

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The History and Lasting Beauty of the Chandelier

07 Apr 2016 › Posted by Schweitzer Linen

Coming from an aficionado of all things beautiful, the Chandelier rates highest as the finishing touch in the well-appointed home. Chandeliers are associated with domestic elegance, wealth and beauty, thanks to scene decorators for glamorous Hollywood movies. Lavish cut-crystal chandeliers hanging from elegant dining room ceilings have come a long way from their humble beginnings.

The derivation of the English word Chandelier, dating from 1736, comes from the French Chandelle (candle). The Latin derivation is from the word Candelabrum.

The first chandeliers were designed as a humble wood cross with a spike on each end supporting candles made of animal fat. These were suspended from ceilings of 15th century medieval abbeys and churches, as they offered a more effective form of lighting.  Later this simple cross design was adapted to variations of a many-candled crowned ring, embellished with long curving arms of ormolu (metal castings).  If you look at Schweitzer Linen’s Chandelier 8 shown below, you can see the graceful branch-like shapes of the cast Bronze ormolu arms, reminiscent of the metalworking style developed during this period.


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