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Vicuña – the better-than-cashmere fleece

26 May 2016 › Posted by Schweitzer Linen



Vicuna_Scarf_0411Recently while touring Peru, Yvonne and Bob Schweitzer found a luxuriously soft scarf that they both fell in love with. It was nothing like they had ever felt before, made from Vicuña, an amazingly fine and soft fleece. Yvonne said that the feel of the scarf in her hand was almost imperceptible, “like air!”

What is Vicuña? Or is it Viscuna? Vicugna? Why is it so soft? Why is it so special?

Yvonne wondered if her elite customers would like to own a wrap or shawl or scarf made of prized Vicuña fleece. She thought of her customers who like the best of the best, who might want to find out what Vicuña is and have a piece of their own.

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