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Most Romantic Bed

26 Aug 2014 › Posted by Schweitzerlinen

You know the feeling you get when you buy a new outfit or put on new shoes. It’s exhilarating! At Schweitzer Linen we get that feeling every time we put new sheets on our bed. But what really set our hearts in a flutter are sheets that set the tone for romance. We love pretty, sweet, stunning, dreamy sheets that make you want to jump in bed often and…… enjoy them!

We have many different designs and styles to help you create an intimate setting, from Modern to Floral and Contemporary to Couture. Our favorite designs are the ones that will make you fall in love with your bed and never want to leave the room. We have some dazzling new embroideries for fall 2014. Endless Love features a continuous row of hearts in brilliant red complimented nicely with Artsy Hearts in a red print and romantic scalloped finish. We’re setting the bar high for all future heartthrobs to follow.

For those of you with a tender heart we offer you our most Romantic Beds:

Endless Love Artsy Hearts

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Sneak peak at our new linen collection

07 Jul 2014 › Posted by Schweitzerlinen

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Something very special takes place each year in June. Our world gets turned upside down and our hallways are filled with bags and bags of samples for our new collections. For 335 days of the year we are traveling, designing, approving and making changes to our new line…. All leading up to this event! It’s an ongoing process which requires our dedication 24/7.

We SLEEP, EAT AND BREATH product development.

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Artfully Designed Sheets – Embroidery

16 Oct 2013 › Posted by Schweitzerlinen

Like a work of art, a striking set of bed linens can make a huge impact in a room. Our inspiration for embroideries or prints comes from our travels all over the world.  We enjoy studying architecture on old buildings and ornate design everywhere.  We find ideas in everyday items and all of nature!  From there we customize a unique layout to apply to our fabric by hand, machine or a print design.

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