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Doilies, Not Just for End Tables!

08 Apr 2013 › Posted by Schweitzerlinen

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Doilies, Not Just for End Tables!

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Schweitzer Linen collection pictured from top right going clockwise: Redondo, Tre Monte, Precieux and Queen Anne Doilies

It’s time to appreciate the beauty and versatility of a doily! People think doilies are something your grandmother used to dress up an end table or the arm of a couch. But the doily is much more and with a little patience and some needle and thread you can transfer the doily into a work of art.
To get started on a project let’s pick out the doilies we want to work with. Schweitzer Linen has doilies in different designs from a simple hemstitch, to romantic lace to soft cotton with delicate flowers. They also come in different sizes, perfect for creating something unique! Try some of these design ideas:

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