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Artfully Designed Sheets – Embroidery

16 Oct 2013 › Posted by Schweitzerlinen

Like a work of art, a striking set of bed linens can make a huge impact in a room. Our inspiration for embroideries or prints comes from our travels all over the world.  We enjoy studying architecture on old buildings and ornate design everywhere.  We find ideas in everyday items and all of nature!  From there we customize a unique layout to apply to our fabric by hand, machine or a print design.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

10 Sep 2013 › Posted by Schweitzerlinen

When we revamped the Schweitzer Linen website one of our goals was to get better acquainted with our customers through social media, our blog and responding to all your feedback. We have read hundred of reviews, comments and letters. We accept the good and the not so good and will continue to offer beautifully made merchandise and 100% customer satisfaction.

We wanted to feature an email we recently received from a customer in Drive Parma Heights, OH. While we think our sheets are made of superior quality, it’s nice to know Gary feels the same way!

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