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Black Mantel Clock with Galileo

01 Jul 2014 › Posted by Schweitzerlinen

The third mantel clock we present to you is truly a one of a kind masterpiece any collector would be happy to own depicting a figural bronze statue of the great scholar Galileo. A rare find and brilliantly carved on a large gleaming black slate stone and resting on thick onyx marble. Sitting atop the stone is scientist and astronomer Galileo pondering his astronomical observations while holding the world in his hand? Another globe sits atop a stack of books. The clock is striking and attention to detail is evident in this design.

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Black Mantel Clock with Bronze Statue

26 Jun 2014 › Posted by Schweitzerlinen

Black Onyx & Bronze Mantel Clock circa 1870: This distinctive clock deserves a spot in your home where it can stand out and be seen. A prominent French Empire-style antique mantel clock of marble and bronze. Made of black onyx and vert de mer marble this figural mantel clock has a statue atop its base. .

Mantle Clock

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Antique French Mantel Clock

23 Jun 2014 › Posted by Schweitzerlinen

Every year we spend several weeks photographing the Schweitzer Linen Fall catalog which showcases our new product line for the coming year. We spend month’s in advance confirming colors, developing designs and traveling the globe in search of unique pieces of furniture to compliment our bedding. You’ll see them in almost every shot hiding in plain sight.
We recently traveled to France looking for hidden treasures for photography and to eventually make them part of our collection. If you have read our previous blogs about French antiques then you will understand the reason we are willing to travel so far in hopes of finding a rare gem, a needle in a haystack. Additionally we use elements of the antiques we find in the designs of our linen collection. Inspiration can come from anywhere; you just have to be open and ready!
We arrived in France prepared with a list of items we were looking to buy and found some remarkable antique French mantel clocks. In this post we are featuring one of three of these distinctive clocks often referred to as Mantel clocks — or shelf clocks. The other two will be featured in next posts.

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