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Port Royale & Kingsbury Tablecloth

27 Oct 2014 › Posted by Schweitzerlinen

We are very excited to announce two new tablecloth arrivals from our Fall 2014 collection, Port Royal and Kingsbury. Two more beautiful tablecloth options to have just in time for the holiday season.

Port Royale is delightful with delicate hand embroidered flowers in celestial blue going all around the hem and top of table. An exquisite array of blue blossoms twists and turns on a thin vine along the hem of the tablecloth. A double row of tiny scalloped edges with blue embroidery finish the tablecloth.

Port Royal Tablecloth

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Chateau Blanc – Tablecloth for Thanksgiving

14 Oct 2014 › Posted by Schweitzerlinen

Chateau Blanc Tablecloth

Last month we wrote a blog about table linens and featured several new designs for 2014. One of the designs, St Germaine, turned out to be a consumer favorite and sold quickly! We are happy to announce another new tablecloth available just in time for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah or any occasion you may have reason for celebration.

Chateau Blanc bears a resemblance to St Germaine — equally gorgeous and museum quality with heirloom hand-drawn hemstitching. Chateau Blanc is elegant in it’s simplicity, made of 100% pure linen from Italy. Impress your guests with this exceptional tablecloth and matching placemats and napkins.

St Germaine Placemat

A welcomed addition to your stock of table linens, we are sure Chateau Blanc will get plenty of use year round. Not only will it ensure you will have a beautiful table setting for your guests, but when paired with a felt table liner it helps reduce noise in a room while protecting your valuable table! A helpful tidbit in case you have an animated family or group of friends over.

Felt Table Liners

One simple way you can bring color into the table setting without too much work is by putting a napkin ring on each napkin. In the picture below we used a gold ring with blush color flower but there are many different colors, textures and designs available. It’s an easy way to change up the appearance of your table when using the same tablecloth over and over.

Chateau Blanc Placemat

The tablecloths are available in both square and rectangular sizes and napkins and placemats are sold in sets of 12.

Chateau Blanc Tablecloth

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Holiday Table Linens

23 Sep 2014 › Posted by Schweitzerlinen

Holiday Table Linens

As the heat of the summer fades and the leaves start to turn our focus turns to the upcoming holidays starting in September with Rosh Hashanah straight thru New Year’s Eve – it’s time to start getting ready for the holiday season!

We work with many customers and designers alike who need a custom size for their table and we are prepared to take your orders now to ensure a beautiful setting for Thanksgiving. We have the capability to make almost any size you need and typically require 8-10 weeks to produce (for machine made items like Marbella – hand embroideries like Merry Merry require four months to customize). With that said we strongly recommend to put your orders in today and to browse our new 2014 tablecloths which feature delicate handwork floral embroideries, exquisite hemstitching and bold colors.

New this year is St Germaine made on pure white linen from Italy and adorned with extravagant hand-drawn work. Your guests will revel in the simple beauty of this tablecloth, placemat and napkins. To truly customize incorporate a color into the floral hemstitch and make it your own.

St Germaine Placemat St Germaine Tablecloth

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