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That Lovin’ Feeling

09 Feb 2015 › Posted by Schweitzer Linen

Speak the language of love with our thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts. Finding the right gift for the love of your life, be it mom, husband, child or girlfriend, just got a little bit easier. Browse our top sellers from the sweetest handkerchief you’ll ever see, to simple messages of love with a statement pillows, guaranteed to make your Valentine’s Day extra special. Our beautiful embroidered message pillows allow you to express yourself without saying a word.

Forget the dinner reservations. Majority rules and according to Zagats 2014 Valentine’s Day survey, 54% of people say they will stay home and: 30% will cook, 5% will order in and the other 19% will do whatever they want! Take the money you were going to spend on an overpriced dinner or bouquet of flowers and invest it in a gift which will last for years to come.
Enjoy a romantic evening at home and leave plenty of room for dessert! Ladies, it wouldn’t hurt if you were wearing one of our sexy yet stylish silk Charmeuse chemises like Monique or Amanda.

To end the night on a good note make sure the bedroom has been turned into an oasis of love in with our signature Loveable 21 bedding or new Endless Love embroidery (available in Red or Black. You’ll never want to leave the bedroom.

Endless Love & Artsy Hearts
Much like the perfect couple this whimsical print and elegant embroidery make an ideal pair!
Endless Love Artsy Hearts
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Be My Valentine – Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas & Origins

28 Jan 2014 › Posted by Schweitzerlinen

February has long been celebrated as a month of romance and St Valentine’s Day can be traced to both Christian and ancient Roman tradition. There are many stories of saints named Valentine or Valentinos and their ties to Valentine’s Day but one story about the Patron Saint Valentines is especially compelling and romantic.

You're My Valentine Pillow

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